10 Must-have Accessories For Your New Car

Car Accessories

The automobile aftermarket industry in India offers an excellent range of car accessories that not only upgrades your car, adding more elegance to it but truly adds to your car owning and driving experience. This article puts together a list of 10 practical car accessories that you should purchase with your new car.

10 Essential Accessories that Every Car Owner Must Have

Here is the ultimate practical car exterior and car interior accessories list that you need:

#1. Mobile phone charger

Your smartphone is that one device that you carry with yourself everywhere. And since a smartphone is useless if its dead, a smartphone charger becomes the top-most essential accessory to have in your car,

#2. Dash cam

A dashboard camera is attached to the dashboard, wind shield, or the rear view mirror of the car. It constantly records the front and side view of the car. The recordings not only capture your happy travel moments, but they also come useful in case of legal proceedings after a collision on the road.

#3. Windshield phone mount

A windshield phone mount allows you to use your phone hands-free. It comes really useful for calls or while using the phone for GPS directions.

#4. Car vacuum cleaner and trash can

These two car interior accessories are a must-have for cleanliness-freaks. While a cordless and compact car vacuum cleaner allows you to clean every nook and corner of the car, a trash can provides you with extra space to store unwanted trash.

#5. Auto detailing

A complete car care and auto detailing kit includes car wash shampoo, wax, polish, glass cleaner, and tyre shine compound along with some clean microfiber clothes or gloves. Maintenance with dedicated car care products allows you to preserve the prime shine of a brand-new car for many, many years.

#6. Tyre inflator

A tyre inflator or a foot pump is a handy device that is used to refill tyre pressure at homes within minutes. Tyre inflators and foot pumps come with in-built gauges so that also helps to keep a regular tyre pressure check. They also come as a life saviour in case of emergencies when a tyre goes flat in the middle of a road.

#7. Puncture repair kit

A puncture repair kit is another must-have accessory. It is used to temporarily repair a puncture if the tyre runs on a sharp object in the middle of a road. While repair with such a puncture repair kit is temporary, it still is good enough to let you drive to the nearest mechanic for a permanent puncture repair.

#8. Air freshener and purifier

Considering the amount of contamination in the air inside and outside the car, a car purifier also becomes an essential car accessory. It traps dirt, dust, bugs, germs, pollen, foul odor, smoke, etc. and makes the car air clean. An air freshener, on the other hand, releases soothing fragrances to freshen up the air inside the car.

#9. Backseat organizer

A backseat organizer comes with multiple pockets to store mobile phones, documents, water bottles, and other random stuff in the car. It is hung on the backside of the front seat and provides a lot of extra storage to organize the car.

#10. Car cover

If you frequently park your car in open parking spaces, then a good-quality car cover is a must for your automobile. Make sure to check the quality of the material as cheap car covers can put minute scratches and swirl to damage the shiny paint of your car.


So, here was the most practical car interior accessories list for car owners in the year 2021. If you are looking for some latest, cool accessories for bike and accessories for car online, then you should not miss going through the amazing collection offered by Carorbis is an online platform that offers a premium range of authentic auto products from the leading automobile brands. Hope you found this article helpful. Have a great day ahead.

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