Things To Consider Before Deciding on Costly Invisalign Treatment

Things to Consider Before Deciding on Costly Invisalign Treatment

Clear plastic aligners or Invisalign is an excellent option for people who want to achieve an ideal smile. In contrast to the conventional metal braces, these transparent trays are more comfortable and discreet. The cutting-edge treatment not only corrects teeth misalignment but rectifies bite problems. And during the treatment, it does not make you embarrassed or self-conscious as with conventional metal braces.

This factor makes Invisalign most suitable to people who are concerned about their looks and appearance. Shiny metal braces stick out from the mouth, making you easily identifiable in a crowd. Moreover, because of metallic hardness, those wires and brackets cause certain discomfort.

However, the cost between the two treatment techniques varies widely. Thus it is essential for people planning to go the Invisalign way to do proper research before taking the treatment.

Standard Cost Of Invisalign

As far as the UK is concerned, the cost of Invisalign treatment ranges between £1,500 and £5,000. The cost may seem to vary widely, but many factors determine the price.

Are Traditional Braces More Reasonable Than Invisalign?

When price comparison is concerned, traditional braces are certainly more easily affordable than transparent plastic aligners. For example, orthodontic treatment with conventional braces for adults ranges between £1,500 and £2,500. But here is a catch that is worth mentioning. Invisalign discounts are available that bring down the overall cost of the treatment by a substantial amount. So you have to be a little cautious to land on such offers.

Factors That Affect Invisalign Price

The cost of Invisalign treatment is not fixed and varies from case to case. As already mentioned above, a lot of factors are responsible for this. Some of the crucial factors include the following:

  • The level of complexity involved or the extent of teeth movement required
  • Geographical location at which the treatment is given
  • The type and the estimated length of the treatment

In addition to the ones mentioned above, the particular Invisalign provider you go to also makes a difference to the final costing figures.

Treatment Plan Is A Significant Cost Determinant

Your Invisalign dentist assesses your mouth to develop a unique treatment plan. The plan that is drawn up is a significant determinant of the cost you pay. The transparent plastic braces are used to correct several dental issues, including bite problems (overbite, underbite and cross bite), crowded and gapped teeth. Each of these problems has a different price. Moreover, the level or degree of complexity involved in a particular case is also taken into account to draw up the treatment plan, affecting the cost figures.

You must have guessed by now the more complicated a case; the longer is the treatment duration and the higher is the price. Moreover, you have to focus on something important too. Every Invisalign treatment plan does not or cannot include the same number of aligners. To sort out a complex case the more aligners and lengthier treatment time are required compared to a less complicated one. Thus, the number of aligners prescribed in a particular case does affect the final cost figures. Now there is something more to it. An orthodontist develops every Invisalign treatment plan. The chances are enormous that treatment plans designed by different providers vary widely and thus include different prices.

Your Location Is Relevant

Your location plays a crucial role in determining the price of your Invisalign treatment. The cost of treatment is usually higher in cities compared to rural areas. Therefore, if you live in a city but can travel to the nearby countryside with an orthodontic practice with an Invisalign treatment facility, you will likely get a good deal.

Your Chosen Provider

The cost figures also depend on the provider you choose. A provider quotes a price based on their experience and the region where they have their practice. Thus, the cost between these providers continuously varies a little from one another. It is better that you be aware of this earlier than later. In addition, some providers offer additional treatments like teeth whitening as a part of a package deal. This affects the cost too.

Invisalign has a ranking system for its licensed providers. This ranking system varies from Bronze to Diamond Plus. Bronze is the stepping stone category to say and is given to those providers who have just started giving the treatment. On the other hand, providers in the Diamond Plus category imply towering heights of experience in administering Invisalign treatment.

You can easily see the rankings of these providers near you by visiting the Invisalign website and using the “Find a doctor” facility. You have to provide your zip code or city, and the website lists down every Invisalign provider matching your criteria along with their rankings.

Is It Worth Investing In Invisalign?

This assessment can only be done on an individual basis. Every patient undergoing the treatment does not have the same condition. Thus, their individual opinions are bound to vary. For example, patients more concerned about their aesthetic appeal are more likely to pay for the costly transparent braces that remain discreet inside the mouth. This group of people mainly includes adults who are well above the age of wearing conventional metal brackets and wires.

On the other hand, youngsters hardly care about their appearance with metal braces. At their age group, orthodontic teeth straightening treatments are more common. Thus, teens and kids are less likely to prefer Invisalign, considering the higher cost.  A patient’s economic condition also comes in the way while finalizing the decision. People who are financially more affluent are more comfortable going with the discreet treatment procedure using clear plastic aligners than people with lower income.

You can click here to know Invisalign cost in the UK. But before you make the final decision, make sure you consider everything, including your life variables and their probable effect on the treatment itself. That way, there won’t be any room for regret.

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