Subhag V Conceive Home Insemination Kit- Our Parenthood Story

Home insemination kit is a new concept, and unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this and a few months before, I was also not aware of this. But a home insemination kit is the best way to conceive at home for that couple who want their kids but not conceiving with natural intercourse.

I married in 2020; just before the first lockdown, we were enjoying our new life, but then suddenly lockdown happened, and everyone was given work from home. Unfortunately, during the work for home, I got back pain issues as I had no set up for the work from home job.

The back pain was severe, and I could not manage our sexual life, but our family was putting pressure on the kids because my wife is a working lady, and during the lockdown, she had time to carry a kid.

These things were dragging us in trouble, so we decided on IVF and started searching for the same while researching IVF, I came to know about the home insemination kit. It was utterly surprising for me.

So I did some research, read some articles on Google, and watched a few videos on YouTube. Then we finally decided on trying a home insemination kit. But there was some confusion regarding the same, so we decided to consult the Gynecologist.

I booked an online appointment, explained our situation to the doctor, and asked her about the home insemination kit. She presented us with the entire process and supported use to go for the home insemination kit, but at the same time, she suggested getting our check-up to be sure of the sperm and egg quality.

But my wife and I decided that first, we would try without getting any tests done. So I ordered the Subhag V conceive home insemination kit online and got the insemination done. So now we must be thinking about why only Subhag V conceive.

Yes, various home insemination kits are available in the market, but when I checked the review, it had the best review, and now I can say that this product is the best. Actually, it is easy to use, and the insertion and removal are entirely painless, and it also does not need any kind of medical experience. The Subhag V conceive home insemination kits come with one container and syringe for the collection of sperm and for injecting sperm inside the vagina.  

If you, too, are planning for the kids but not conceiving even after trying all the natural ways, consult your Gynecologist and get your test done and ask them for the home insemination kit. This is not only safe, especially during the COVID situation. As you know, these days, the hospital is complete with the COVID patients and in such conditions being at home is most safe.

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Buying Subhag V conceive home insemination kit is affordable. This also gives you complete privacy because you can use this even in your bedroom, and this process hardly takes a few minutes, but before you inseminate, make sure that your female partner is in her fertile period. If you don’t know about the fertile period, ask your doctor.  

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